I am extremely happy with the accent reduction services Danny provided for my 15-year old son over the past year. I decided to look into accent reduction after a particular incident occurred: My son gave a presentation at a local event about helping children in the developing world, and two of the kids in the audience shouted out, “Speak in English!” Subsequently I spoke to my son’s teachers at school and found that many of them also had a hard time understanding him. Given that my son’s goal was to do many more presentations about the cause he cares about, he asked me if he could get help. That’s when I looked up accent reduction services online and found Danny. From Day One, I knew Danny was the right person. He gave my son a special test and came up with a strategic action plan. Week by week my son followed the plan, did the homework, and made great strides. My son has had speech therapists in the past, but Danny made faster headway in a month than the speech therapists made in a year. My son met his presentation goal recently. A large organization paid for him to fly to Washington D.C. to be a guest speaker at a conference to present his research. He passed with flying colors. Many people complimented him after his presentation, and I was especially happy to learn that they could understand him perfectly. This would not have happened without Danny’s help. I highly recommend Danny’s services.”

Update one year later: “My son is still understandable. I honestly NEVER thought he would be. That was a big worry of mine. Thanks for changing his life.
— A. Shukla
I worked with Danny on a show at the Boston Playwrights’ Theater. My character was Swiss-French with text in both (broken) English and (somewhat rapid) French, and I came into rehearsals very daunted by the task. Danny worked with me one-on-one and also in rehearsal, and it was a real treat. I especially love the imagery he uses to describe the sounds and sound quality of different accents, and how he always keeps the dialect work grounded in the character’s need to communicate. I ended up having a lot of fun with something about which I had initially been really anxious, and that was a wonderful surprise. Danny is skilled, patient, confident, and just as importantly an exceedingly kind and nonjudgmental guy.
— Lydia Barnett-Mulligan, Actor
Danny’s Dialects Workshop was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed learning the principles behind the different languages and dialects, and getting a chance to practice.  Plus Danny is just funny.
— David M., Improvisor
Danny’s awesome. As a journalist, I researched the market before discovering him and found that accent reduction coaches generally fall into two categories: Those who view accent training as a series of shapes to be made with your mouth and those who mistake it for ESL classes and try to teach you grammar. Danny does something else. He sees spoken language as an art form, as fun to discover and learn as good written prose. Plus his impersonations are spot-on.
— Anna, Journalist
Danny Bryck was a Godsend. He worked with us on a rather specific and challenging dialect, and the excellent results were due to his hard work and organization. He presented a breakdown of the dialect in a clear, well thought out manner. He provided the actors with a variety of sound clips that gave us a huge range of age and dialect strength so that we could pick and choose as we developed our characters (each actor played multiple characters and their dialects had to vary). Because of his hard work providing both written and audio resources, it made our own homework very easy. And he worked with us in person and was patient, encouraging and inspiring. I received several compliments on my dialect work, and I don’t think I could have gotten nearly as good without Danny’s help. I cannot recommend Danny enough, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
— Anna Waldron, Actor
I took part in Danny’s Dialects for Improv Workshop and all I can say is... WOW! From the beginning (“What’s the difference between an accent and a dialect?”) to RP (“Received Pronunciation,” the standard dialect of England), to Irish, to the dialects of the American South, this workshop was super informative and super helpful in my journey to develop more truthful and more colorful characters and to become a better actor and improviser. The philosopher Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Well, if you have the opportunity to take this workshop, take it.
— Dave S., Improvisor
Danny served as the dialect coach on Whistler In the Dark’s production of Aunt Dan and Lemon. I have to say, he was a really tremendous coach. My character needed to work on both Standard British and Cockney. Danny provided us with clear, thoughtful materials. He made himself extremely available during the rehearsal period, and provided us with specific notes once we were running the show in the performance space. He was professional and prepared, energetic and fun, and thoroughly helpful.
— Melissa Baroni, Vocal Coach and Actor
Danny Bryck has the ears of a rabbit. I have never worked with a dialect coach who is so able to adjust their style to the particular needs of their actors. This versatility is incredibly valuable given that we all hear and learn to replicate speech in a different manner.
— Becca Lewis, Actor
Danny Bryck is a theatre maker. He is an actor, a dialect coach, a teacher… I have worked with Danny as my dialect coach and was thoroughly impressed with his abilities as a collaborator, a teacher and a researcher. JT Rogers’ The Overwhelming is set in Rwanda and has a large cast of characters from all over the world. Danny was not intimidated by his work, instead he tackled this sizable challenge head on, with admirable results. As a theatre maker, Danny has wonderful energy and great perspective on his work. He understands both the big picture and the details.
— Shawn LaCount, Artistic Director, Company One
Danny’s attention to detail and personal commitment helped our actors wrap their mouths around Kreyol and made it possible to create a world for Walcott’s Ti-Jean and His Brothers. We plan to work with him again and again.
— Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights Theater; Debra Wise, Artistic Director, Underground Railway Theater; Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Director
Danny has an excellent ear for dialects, subtleties of language, a first-hand knowledge of the craft of the actor, and a wonderful, personable manner. I’ve so appreciated the ways in which he has been able to assist me in my own work, and am happy we recently had an opportunity to collaborate professionally in this way. Dialect coach to dialect coach, I recommend him strongly: you’d be in very capable and supportive hands!
— Christine Hamel, Dialect Coach and Professor of Voice and Speech at Boston University
Not only is Danny a dialect coach who can break down the work in ways that accommodate everyone’s learning curve for picking up dialects, the outside work he does on supplemental materials with practice sentences, links to helpful videos and more is invaluable to the work we do as actors outside of the coaching session on our own time. I am continually impressed in my working with him at his ability to make a dialect feel like it is a part of me and not something I am putting on – something I feel is essential in my creative process to be able to embody a character truthfully.
— Jennifer O’Connor, Actor